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Big Data solutions for businesses: Why Big Data is no longer just for big businesses

Does real-time data back your organisation’s decision-making or are you relying on a gut feel approach? With a world of data out there, think about how much more your business could improve if it were backed by actual results and insights from past performance. Many people think leveraging Big Data is unaffordable and too time-consuming […]

Big Data for businesses: is your client making data driven decisions?

Is data driving the business decisions your clients make in their organisation? Are their decisions rooted in actual results and insights from performance, or are they just based on gut feel? Businesses have traditionally relied on gut-feel alone to drive decision making. It’s not because organisations are unwilling to crunch the numbers to help decision […]

3 crucial questions to consider when looking for a long-term ERP system

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform is a powerful piece of software that encompasses inventory, sales, business management, and accounting systems. If you’re in the market for an ERP system, you’ll know that choosing and deploying one is not a quick-fix job All too often, I’ve seen businesses jump head-first into ERP implementation projects with […]

ERP trends for 2017: Agile, web-based platforms among the top

Legacy software systems are holding businesses back The businesses you advise are likely facing a number of challenges in 2017. Not only is the industrial and political landscape evolving, but there are rapid advancements in technology, and continuously growing customer expectations to deal with as well. That’s why leveraging technology identified amongst the ERP trends […]

4 customer relationship management (CRM) mistakes Australian businesses are making

Customer Relationship Management software (CRMs) still remain a hotly debated topic amongst Australian businesses. Should you invest now, or is it a passing trend? But hearing statistics like ‘a CRM can increase revenue by 41% per salesperson’ and ‘on average CRMs deliver a return of $8.70 for every $1 spent’* makes you wonder why so […]

Is your business ready for an ERP solution?

Implementing an ERP solution is something you’ve probably considered at some point for your business. It’s a smart, strategic investment – and a good one doesn’t come cheaply or easily. But the advantages of investing in the right ERP solution at the right time can be invaluable, perfectly positioning your business for growth and expansion. […]