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Become a HARMONiQ Partner


HARMONiQ is a revolutionary sales, accounting, inventory and business management software – all in one.


HARMONiQ is a world-class suite of software, seamlessly integrating accounting, sales and business management modules. It is simple, powerful and extremely flexible and is the first product in its category that can be truly personalised to match the way a client wants their business to operate and their people to work together.

But HARMONiQ is just the beginning. In order to derive true value from it, clients will need your support – in implementation, best practice recommendations and ongoing consulting.

As a partner, you’ll have many opportunities to enhance the HARMONiQ offering. We offer a collaborative partner program which provides access to:

  • Sales and marketing resources;
  • In-depth technical training and support;
  • Dedicated Technical, Marketing and Account Managers; and
  • An attractive revenue sharing model.


  • Recurring revenue stream

    Partners can achieve a healthy product margin on their annual revenue stream. HARMONiQ is licensed on a subscription basis, so this enables partners to build a sizeable annuity business as well as capitalise on added opportunities.

  • Sales training and collateral

    You’ll be supported with HARMONiQ sales training, collateral, and executive assistance for corporate deals. This includes presales support, such as help building demos and
    presentations for client acquisition will be available to Channel Partners.

  • Access to leads

    It is the intention of Micronet Systems to generate leads for Channel Partners via its website and direct marketing activities such telemarketing or attending external events.

  • Marketing support

    Channel Partners can use all HARMONiQ marketing collateral, including brochures, product documentation and updates, newsletters, advertising, EDM templates and direct mail pieces. They will also have support from HARMONiQ’s Marketing Manager to drive joint activity.

  • Technical support

    Assistance from HARMONiQ’s Technical Account Manager, access to our in-depth training program, as well as pre-sales support. The HARMONiQ team will be on-hand throughout all elements of the partner’s first ‘go live’.

  • In depth training

    Your team will be armed with the knowledge to implement and support HARMONiQ software. This will also include training in areas such as data conversion, data input, form design, report writing and data analysis.


HARMONiQ - B.E. Prestidge Associates



Hear from trusted accounting firm B. E. Prestidge & Associates on how they diversified their business beyond accounting and leveraged HARMONiQ Business Tuning Software to add value to their client’s businesses, increase their billable hours and boost their bottom line.


Watch a short video

Hear from a HARMONiQ partner on the journey he took to find the best Business Management software for his clients, the results he’s seen and the additional value he’s been able to offer his clients.


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