Big Data software for your clients: Why Big Data is changing businesses of all sizes

Does real-time data back your client’s decision-making or do they just rely on a gut feel approach? With a world of data out there, think about how much more your clients’ business could improve if they were backed by robust data analysis and insights. Many people think leveraging Big Data software is unaffordable and too […]

Big Data for businesses: is your client making data driven decisions?

Is data driving the business decisions your clients make in their organisation? Are their decisions rooted in actual results and insights from performance, or are they just based on gut feel? Businesses have traditionally relied on gut-feel alone to drive decision making. It’s not because organisations are unwilling to crunch the numbers to help decision […]

Preparing for End of Financial Year 2017 with a focus on growth

As a professional services provider, this is it! Preparing for End of Financial Year: this is your time. It certainly is your busiest time and it’s also the biggest opportunity to you have all year to deepen your relationship with your clients, increase the value you add, and earn significantly more (all year round) as […]

ERP trends for 2017: Agile, web-based platforms among the top

Legacy software systems are holding businesses back The businesses you advise are likely facing a number of challenges in 2017. Not only is the industrial and political landscape evolving, but there are rapid advancements in technology, and continuously growing customer expectations to deal with as well. That’s why leveraging technology identified amongst the ERP trends […]

Common software implementation mistakes that end up costing businesses.

Very rarely do big software implementation projects go off without a hitch – especially when you’re implementing whole-of-business software solutions like CRMs or ERPs. Therefore, it’s always in your best interest to be proactive and plan for potential challenges. Being complacent will mean you’re forced to react with haste when they do arise, often sending […]

Beyond the software implementation process: 3 ways to add ongoing value to your client’s business

So you’ve completed a business management software implementation process for a client. Job done? Far from it, I’m afraid. Selling and implementing the software is only half the battle. Now’s the time to be thinking about how you can leverage that software to become an indispensable adviser for your client. Here are 3 ways to […]

4 ways you can help clients deliver an exceptional customer experience

According to recent report from Gartner, 89% of businesses expect customer experience to be the main point of competition by the end of 2016. To put that into perspective, last year that figure was 58%. The year before? 39%. It’s no wonder why the essential skill every company wants to master is excellent customer service. […]

3 ways the right CRM software can help your clients improve customer retention and grow their revenue

It can be hard to remain relevant to your customers. Especially when they have lots on their plate, and your services stop being the obvious answer. In such situations, you need to create the case for your involvement. And something that is almost always a priority is generating more revenue. But that can be hard […]

The top 4 software implementation process challenges getting in the way of a successful project

As challenging as it may feel at the time, you and I both know, closing a new software implementation deal is only half the battle. Once that’s done, you have to actually deliver your project on schedule, within budget, and to a satisfied client… which in our industry can be easier said than done. Failing […]

How the right business management software can keep your clients from outgrowing your services

Growth is good: it’s what we want for all our clients. But business growth also brings with it a lot of change. As you know, when a business grows they find themselves rapidly acquiring more customers, hiring new staff, and requiring access to more and more data to inform their decisions. While everyone wants to […]